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Do you have a product that needs photographed for your website? I can help!

My friend Heather Juliussen created this new business and women with large breasts are going to want to read this!

This product is called “The Pillow” made by BeauBiful Bras. It will provide support, reduce frictions, and add comfort for a good night’s sleep. The Pillow provides support to the top breast (while sleeping) and prevents unwanted movement. That leads to a more comfortable and better night’s sleep. It keeps your breasts separated while you sleep, and that eliminates the friction. Without it, when you move during the night your breasts rub together. This causes skin on skin friction which leads to damage over time. Using “The Pillow” will eliminate this problem, and your chest wrinkles!

Try it out, I know you wont be disappointed! You can order your own pillow here: beaubiful.com

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