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Lost Love Tribute Portraits

Cell phone photos that were sent to me, to be turned into “Lost Love Tribute” portraits. I’ve been doing these all over the United States for people who lost a loved one. I have even created them with pets. People email me photos of who they want in the finished portrait, and I combine them. So I did NOT take any of these photos. This all started when I posted photos of a local police officer that was tragically taken by a drunk driver here in Ligonier, PA. The stories that go behind all of these projects are devastating. However, it makes my heart feel good when I can bring them all together one last time. These portraits are heading to Arizona, and they aren’t the first ones I have done for her. Thanks so much Angie! #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

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