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Lentz Christmas Portraits

Beautiful family Christmas Portraits around the Diamond! #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, Pa / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Amber-Glam the Dress

She is so STUNNING! My favorite dress to photograph is anything sequins. It screams Glamourous. During your session with me, you have multiple outfit changes. I also completely pose you, so there is nothing to be nervous about! When was the last time just YOU were photographed? I WILL take the best portrait you have ever seen of yourself!

Dress from: Millers’ Prom and Formal Wear

#tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Kokoska Family Portraits

What a DOLL baby! Fresh portraits for this Family! 🥰#tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346

Carl Jones – Updated Headshots

Updated headshots for this Business owner! You can find Carl Jones here: Business Solutions Today. They aren’t just another online marketing company – they are YOUR online marketing company. Whether you are looking for someone to consult your business, handle high-level marketing tactics or market your company full-time, they have options to fit your needs. He is also a local musician, and plays all over the Laurel Highlands. You can find his page here: Mr Jones and the Diva. #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Adoption Day

HAPPY ADOPTION DAY to this special little guy. He will forever have endless love. My heart is so full for this family. I’ve photographed him before, and am truly grateful I get to see him grow. #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Reveal Wall

Every client receives an In-person REVEAL of images. This is the first time you will see your portraits. They come professionally printed and matted using the highest quality in the industry, which I am very passionate about. Your Reveal is usually 2 weeks after your session, at my Studio in Ligonier. This is when you purchase what you LOVE. Some clients spend $200, some spend $2000. It is entirely up to you. I am not a saleswoman. If you don’t like them, you simply do not purchase any. However, I WILL take the best portrait you have ever seen of yourself! #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Custom Framing

CUSTOM FRAMING IS AVAILABLE! As you know, I use the highest quality products in the industry. So it only makes sense to use the best framer around! Whether you hire me, or another photographer….Print your portraits and get them on the wall! Don’t let them gather dust on a usb. This is why I print ALL of my clients portraits for their REVEAL. #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all who served (and still serving)! Special thanks to this incredible woman, CAPTAIN Brittany Hart. She was the FIRST woman commander of her company / unit, and she wont be stopping there. Her next promotion will be to Major. I have no doubt in my mind she will make it happen! THANK YOU VETERANS! (and thank you to both of my parents as well) #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

1920’s Portrait / Boudoir

This couple wanted a few 1920’s style portraits for on the wall. She also wanted to take some boudoir style portraits to celebrate being confident in her own skin. Here’s a peek inside this bold and empowering session, although the rest of the (spectacular) portraits are for their eyes only! 😉 #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Spooky Family Portraits

Something different than my regular family portraits. They love Halloween, and wanted to do a spooky session. Lindzey is an art teacher and definitely appreciates quality photography! You should see HER art! She does incredible custom pieces! #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

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