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Lentz Christmas Portraits

Beautiful family Christmas Portraits around the Diamond! #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, Pa / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Amber-Glam the Dress

She is so STUNNING! My favorite dress to photograph is anything sequins. It screams Glamourous. During your session with me, you have multiple outfit changes. I also completely pose you, so there is nothing to be nervous about! When was the last time just YOU were photographed? I WILL take the best portrait you have ever seen of yourself!

Dress from: Millers’ Prom and Formal Wear

#tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Kokoska Family Portraits

What a DOLL baby! Fresh portraits for this Family! 🥰#tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346

1920’s Portrait / Boudoir

This couple wanted a few 1920’s style portraits for on the wall. She also wanted to take some boudoir style portraits to celebrate being confident in her own skin. Here’s a peek inside this bold and empowering session, although the rest of the (spectacular) portraits are for their eyes only! 😉 #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Family Portraits-Carey

I love fall Family Portraits. Especially when my Clients have an adorable pup like this! What a beautiful family! I truly appreciate you! Every product I use is American made, and the highest quality in the industry. I take great pride in that. So if you want the best, I got it! These are heirlooms that will survive many generations.
#tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Senior Portraits/Acting Headshots for Liam

Senior Portraits for this guy! He needed some headshots for acting. These will be perfect! Hope you have a great year Liam!
#tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Ben Carson Private Event

I have been so busy with private events lately, however I am not allowed to share photos from them due to privacy of members. I can share this one though! One of my favorite events I photograph every single year. Dr Ben Carson is the nicest, most soft spoken gentleman I have ever met. Him and his wife Candy do incredible things for students who work hard at school. One of my favorite quotes by him is this, “We’ve been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our problems. But at some point, maybe we will wake up and recognize that it was the politicians who created our problems”. True words. Thank you Dr Carson, until next year! #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected] [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”129″ display=”thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]

Ligonier Valley School Board Campaign Portraits

After running for school board individually and winning the primary, Cindy, Josi & Donnie realized they all share the same passion for our childrens’ education. Therefore, they decided to run together in hopes of improving our district. One of their main concerns is bridging the gap between the school board and parents. This trio wants to unify our valley with a team effort and unwavering dedication. On November 2nd, four seats on the Ligonier Valley School Board need filled in the general election. 🇺🇸 Get out and vote! #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346

Lost Love Tribute Portraits

Cell phone photos that were sent to me, to be turned into “Lost Love Tribute” portraits. I’ve been doing these all over the United States for people who lost a loved one. I have even created them with pets. People email me photos of who they want in the finished portrait, and I combine them. So I did NOT take any of these photos. This all started when I posted photos of a local police officer that was tragically taken by a drunk driver here in Ligonier, PA. The stories that go behind all of these projects are devastating. However, it makes my heart feel good when I can bring them all together one last time. These portraits are heading to Arizona, and they aren’t the first ones I have done for her. Thanks so much Angie! #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Bunnies for Adoption

Available for adoption!

FOUR male 2 month old Lions Head bunnies!

View by appointment only at: Tobias Auto Tag & Notary LLC in Ligonier, PA.

Call to adopt at: Helping Hearts & Healing Tails Animal Rescue. Also located in Ligonier, PA.

Help these fur babies find a home!

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