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Finished Projects for Hellings & Neal Design-Build

Here are some completed projects for “Hellings & Neal Design-Build”, located out of Indiana, PA. As you can see, a few of these photos are from a Frank Lloyd Wright property. “Hellings & Neal Design-Build” is a full service design firm that specializes in complete home remodeling and new construction. Everything from the interior of your home, to your outdoor kitchen & living space. They do custom designs and top quality installations.

You can find their website here.

I can be hired to photograph per property or hired for the entire day. When I photograph properties, I take plenty of full room, up close, multiple angles, and detail shots. #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

New Portraits for Ruth

I know I said to stay tuned on Monday for these portraits, but I simply cannot wait. These STUNNING portraits of Ruth Walter need to be seen NOW! She absolutely loved every single one of them. Here are some of her favorites. 

She now has gorgeous portraits of herself, that will outlast generations. She also has a couple headshots to use this year. Ruth works for Halley-Dodson, doing Life, Medicare, and Financial Planning. She is located in Pittsburgh, PA, but travels to all surrounding areas. If you need help planning for your future, email her. She has helped me tremendously!

Hair by: Brittney Brown
Makeup by: Beauty by Joy – Pittsburgh Makeup Artist
#tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Headshots & Branding for Chef Annie Otto

Fresh Headshots & Branding Photos for Personal Chef Annie Otto. She also specializes in Organic & GMO-free Sushi, which is delicious! You can find her set up at Connections Cafe in Ligonier every other Friday night. She will be there THIS Friday. 

Follow her page to get updates: Wild And Natural Kitchen. You can order rolls off her website at:  https://wildandnaturalkitchen.com.

We did her branding photos in (2) sessions. The first one was while she was making sushi, and the second one was in my Studio. Plenty of social media content!

Are you a Business Professional that needs images for online? Let me help you create social media content for the whole year! Don’t forget I am a tax write off for your Business!

#Tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Headshots for GLLV Chamber of Commerce

Gorgeous new headshots for the Greater Latrobe-Laurel Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce! Both of these ladies do so much work at the Chamber, located in Latrobe. So many events, happy hours, meetings, education, flyers, social media, you name it. They do it all! If you are a Business owner, I highly recommend joining your local Chamber of Commerce!

#tarahasslerphotography / 814-691-3346 / Ligonier, PA / [email protected]

Updated Headshots for Therapist

Updated Modern Headshots for this Mental Health Therapist!

Do you need to update your business page or social media profile photos? Look professional with one of my portraits!
I do hire a couple different hair & makeup artists, however if you would rather come already put together, that’s great too! This client did her own and looks flawless!

#tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Laurel Valley Golf Club

Hoping to brighten up this gloomy day with some beautiful shots at Laurel Valley Golf Club, located here in Ligonier, PA. I absolutely LOVE photographing events here. Everyone is so kind and generous. They always go out of their way to help me carry or set up chairs, or to drive me around the course if needed.

Typically, I am hired by a large corporation, some have been fortune 500 companies. They usually need one large group portrait, where I set and pose up to 100 men. I am known to be quick and efficient. These men just want to play golf! They always thank me for being so fast and friendly. Then I shoot “foursome” photos of all the teams while they are playing. If there is a celebrity present, I will photograph each team with that person. Sometimes I print on site, and have all of the photos ready and framed for when they return back for their meal. My clients privacy is very important to me. So unfortunately I am unable to share any group or team portraits. 

Pricing for events like these START at $2000 and go up from there, depending on what is needed. Can’t wait to go back!
#tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Carl Jones – Updated Headshots

Updated headshots for this Business owner! You can find Carl Jones here: Business Solutions Today. They aren’t just another online marketing company – they are YOUR online marketing company. Whether you are looking for someone to consult your business, handle high-level marketing tactics or market your company full-time, they have options to fit your needs. He is also a local musician, and plays all over the Laurel Highlands. You can find his page here: Mr Jones and the Diva. #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Adoption Day

HAPPY ADOPTION DAY to this special little guy. He will forever have endless love. My heart is so full for this family. I’ve photographed him before, and am truly grateful I get to see him grow. #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Reveal Wall

Every client receives an In-person REVEAL of images. This is the first time you will see your portraits. They come professionally printed and matted using the highest quality in the industry, which I am very passionate about. Your Reveal is usually 2 weeks after your session, at my Studio in Ligonier. This is when you purchase what you LOVE. Some clients spend $200, some spend $2000. It is entirely up to you. I am not a saleswoman. If you don’t like them, you simply do not purchase any. However, I WILL take the best portrait you have ever seen of yourself! #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

Custom Framing

CUSTOM FRAMING IS AVAILABLE! As you know, I use the highest quality products in the industry. So it only makes sense to use the best framer around! Whether you hire me, or another photographer….Print your portraits and get them on the wall! Don’t let them gather dust on a usb. This is why I print ALL of my clients portraits for their REVEAL. #tarahasslerphotography / Ligonier, PA / 814-691-3346 / [email protected]

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