Mushrooms of PA

This isn’t something I would typically post on my website, however it is a passion of mine (which I have many of). I love nature and everything in it. I try to find myself outdoors every day, all seasons. I am a Forager of different things in nature. Mushrooms being one of them. I have been foraging mushrooms for 15+years. I know many species, and there are still so many I do not. I find beauty in them. I also eat a lot of them, they are quite delicious. I do not eat anything I cannot 100% positively identify. I do not recommend ANYONE to pick and eat wild mushrooms unless you educate yourself first, or have someone educated with you. 

With that being said, here is a collection of wild mushrooms I have photographed. I am in the process of making a book. There are so many mushrooms that I found, but did not have my camera on me at the time. So I need to take some more photos this year. 

I also photograph wildflowers, animals, and all things nature. I will eventually share those as well. 

All of my portraits are available to purchase. I professionally print as a 7×10 and then mat them into an 11×14 white mat. Each portrait is $195 each.  I will offer a 5×7 print, in an 8×10 mat for $125 each. I use the highest quality in the industry. My prices reflect the time, talent, and quality that goes into each one. You can also check out my Investment page as well. 

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