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Janice-Glamour Portraiture

I love doing Glamour sessions so much! Every woman deserves to look and feel her best. Sessions include Hair and Makeup and usually takes about 3 hours. Call me for more information! Hair and Makeup by Haley Daugherty. 

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Mary Beth-Glamour Portraiture

I had another amazing woman in my Studio last week. She is the definition of courage and strength. She has been through (and still going through) sadness and loss. Lets keep her and her family in our prayers.  Hair and Makeup done by Haley Daugherty.

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Holly-Glamour Portraiture

Another Beautiful woman in my Studio.  She is a local teacher, mother, and wife. She deserved this Glamour photoshoot! This is all about making woman feel and look their best! Call me for a session today! Hair and Makeup done by Haley Daugherty. 

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Judy-Glamour Portraiture

Another gorgeous woman in the Studio yesterday! It was her first Glamour session and she rocked it! Hair and Makeup by Haley Morgan.

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Gena-Glamour Portraiture

This session was EXTRA special. Meet my Mama. Isn’t she Breathtaking?! She never wears makeup or curls her hair. She is the nicest person I know. She has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known. She is a hunter, hardworking, drives heavy equipment creative, down to earth, positive, outgoing, never thinks about herself, Amazing personality, I could go on and on and on…..She said that she has never felt so beautiful in her entire life. Which breaks my heart, because I always thought she is beautiful! THIS is exactly why I want to offer Glamour Portraiture. I want to empower all woman, and show them how beautiful they really are no matter what shape or size. Every woman deserves to be pampered. At the same time, I am creating beautiful Heirlooms for my clients and their family to treasure forever. This session was in my studio, using pieces from my wardrobe. Hair and Makeup done by Haley Morgan!

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