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Newborn Anna-9 days old

This sweet little girl did so amazing during her session. I captured some really awesome photos for her parents!  I am so glad to have met her! Newborn sessions are one of my favorites.

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Studio Open!

My Studio is now open! Its on the smaller side, so its perfect for children and portraits. Check out my latest Portrait session with this beautiful woman, Holly!

2-17-15 064_ppa.jpg2-17-15 032_ppa.jpg2-17-15 046_pp-2a.jpg2-17-15 032_pp-2a.jpg2-17-15 066_ppa.jpg2-17-15 074_pp-3a.jpg2-17-15 079_pp-2a.jpg2-17-15 093_ppa.jpg2-17-15 103_ppa.jpg2-17-15 107_ppa.jpg2-17-15 110_pp-2a.jpg2-17-15 115_ppa.jpg2-17-15 117_ppa.jpg2-17-15 122_ppa.jpg2-17-15 125_pp-2a.jpg
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New Macro Lens!

These are a couple shots using my new Macro Lens. It is a Canon EF 100mm 1:2.8 ultrasonic. I absolutely LOVE this glass, and cannot wait to use it in an upcoming newborn session!

1-27-15 420-3a.jpg1-27-15 369-2a.jpg1-27-15 373-3a.jpg1-27-15 386-2a.jpg1-27-15 391a.jpg1-27-15 399-2a.jpg1-27-15 400-2a.jpg1-27-15 405-3a.jpg1-27-15 405-4a.jpg1-27-15 420-4a.jpg1-27-15 420a.jpg12-12-14 014a.jpg1-27-15 344-2a.jpg1-27-15 353a.jpg1-27-15 355-2a.jpg12-12-14 050a.jpg12-12-14 052a.jpg


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